Offer vs. Serve
The optional federal regulation of "offer vs. serve" is observed in the PPB school cafeteria. This statute requires food service employees to prepare and offer all five-(5) food groups to students but allows the students to refuse any two items.  "Offer vs. Serve" increases customer satisfaction by giving students some say in what is put on their tray, helps eliminate food waste, reduces food cost and allows increased quality. We encourage parents to remind their children at home to try different foods and take fruits and vegetables.
Daily Lunch Menus $3.00

Hot Lunch
                (Check Monthly Menu for Details)

Homemade Soup & Sandwich
     Mon:     Ham & Cheese Sandwich
     Tues:     Turkey Sandwich
     Wed:     Ham & Ch eese Sandwich
     Thurs:     Turkey Sandwich
     Fri:     Tuna San dwich

Chef Salad Pla
Salad Greens, Deli Meats. Cheese & Egg Slices
Dinner Roll, Fruit or Fruit Juice, Milk & Dessert

Chicken Caesar Salad

Rommaine Lettuce, Grilled Chicken, Croutons,
Parmesan Cheese, Dinner Roll, Fruit or Fruit Juice
Milk & Dessert

Bagel Lunch

Bagel, Dannon Lite Yogurt, String Cheese
Soup or House Salad, Fruit or Fruit Juice,
Milk & Dessert

PBJ Special

PBJ Sandwich, String Cheese or Yogurt
Soup or House Salad, Fruit or Fruit Juice,
Milk & Dessert

* 6th, 7th & 8th grade students are offered
Individual Pan Pizza  each day as a meal alternative.

Electronic Lunch Card Debit System
     For your convenience and the efficiency of the school lunch program, the Brielle school district offers an electronic lunch card system. The card may be used for lunch, an additional entree, or beverage. Parents may put any amount of money on account for their child to use in the school cafeteria by sending in a check or cash, or using "Pay-For-It". Parents can register online to track what their child is eating and how many meals he or she has left. Also, by registering online, parents can use "Pay-For-It" and use a debit or credit card to put money in their child's account.
     Parents will be notified when their child has $10 left on their account. Notices will go out bi-weekly. We strongly encourage the use of theis program as it SIGNIFICANTLY speeds up the lunch line, allowing students more time to eat!!

Students may charge any one (1) of the Daily Lunch Menus if lunch or lunch money is forgotten. The amount charged will be recorded in the meal counting system and parents will be notified. Payment for this lunch is due back the following day.
If you do NOT want this courtesy extended to your child please notify the cafeteria.
(732) 528-6400 ext. 145
Please visit
for additional information, the monthly Lunch Menu and  the link to the NEW "Pay-For-It" debit card service .